Dear Laundry

By: Kathy Trainor

Dear Laundry…

We need to have a chat. I have wanted to have this talk for a very long time.

Dirty-LaundryI have been very unsettled for about 25 years now. I will not hold back. This is ALL your Fault. You never leave, you are never clean and you never give me space. I’m sick of it. I am rather annoyed by the piles of garbage you leave all over the place.

You take too much of my time.

You demand I work out by lifting, bending, pushing, pulling, and twisting more than yoga and kickboxing.

Why? Like my children and my cat, learn to clean up after yourself. Don’t be so needy and selfish. We foster a house of independence! WHY are you so hopeless and helpless and not handy in the least bit? You are constantly picking a fight and have the be separated . You are a lump of wasted space. Even my cat does more than you.

I dislike you… NO…. I HATE YOU. When I look at you I want to vomit. Your presence in this home makes me so upset and sucks every nice bone out of my body.

Smarten up, shape up, ship out and leave!

Thank you,

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