Letting Go of Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

Mental Health                  Mental Illness                            Depression     Anxiety     Bipolar Disorder    Schizophrenia    PTSD By: Marsha Weiner, LICSW, Manager of Behavioral Health Services, Signature Healthcare How many times have you heard these terms (above) perhaps related to something you have seen on the news?  Your first thought might be, “Oh that person must have a mental illness or … More Letting Go of Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

Reward System

By: Jessica Aldred As parents of a school-age child and a preschooler, my husband and I often struggle with how to discipline or reward each of them without impacting the other. For instance, if we’ve promised an outing to a fun family location but my four-year-old has had a particularly bad day, it’s a tough … More Reward System

My Child Has Issues

By: Jessica Aldred Admitting something is wrong with your own child is a terribly difficult thing to do. I’m finally at a point where I feel somewhat proud of myself for admitting that I have a child with quite a few ADHD symptoms. While they won’t officially label him or consider medication until he turns … More My Child Has Issues

I Am More Than A Mom

By: Sheila Gaudet As “Mommy Bloggers” a lot of what we write about involves our children.  If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t fit the role, right?  I truly believe that when we make the decision to become parents, we take on a huge responsibility to protect, nurture,, and guide our children to adulthood.  For … More I Am More Than A Mom

“No Fixing, Please.” – A Poem in Honor of ADHD and SPD Awareness Months

By: Martianne Stanger Some of you might recall the poem I shared in honor of Autism Awareness Month. Since we just had ADHD Awareness Week and Sensory Processing Disorder Awareness month in October, I thought I would share another poem that I wrote as part of Jennie Linthorst’s LifeSPEAKS workshop for moms of special needs … More “No Fixing, Please.” – A Poem in Honor of ADHD and SPD Awareness Months

ADHD and My Daughter

By:  Jessica DiRamio Always known as the spirited child, my daughter, Juliana was unlike any other baby, toddler, preschooler, or school-aged child I had ever come in contact with.  She was very intense; on a scale of 1-10, everything she did was a 10.  She cried harder and longer than most and got mad a … More ADHD and My Daughter