Surviving Divorce: How to Prepare For The Road Ahead

By: Cheryl Maguire When PeggySue Wells’ husband walked out on her, she looked at her six children’s face’s and wondered, How did this happen? So many other questions ran through her mind. Could I ease their pain? What do I do now? Will my children be permanently damaged? Can I provide all that my family needs? Wells was able to move … More Surviving Divorce: How to Prepare For The Road Ahead

Co-Parenting 101

By: Angela Semeta As we all may know, a divorce or a separation between two parents isn’t easy for anyone, especially the child/children. When my daughter’s father and I decided to go our separate ways it was not an easy decision but we knew that in the end it was the best for everyone. We … More Co-Parenting 101

When They Are Grown

By: Sheila Gaudet Most of my blog posts focus on the stories and situations in my current homelife, which is full of dogs, boys and an occasional husband.  But I have another parenting role that is actually much more difficult.  I am the very proud aunt of twin nieces who recently turned 20 years old.  … More When They Are Grown

I Am More Than A Mom

By: Sheila Gaudet As “Mommy Bloggers” a lot of what we write about involves our children.  If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t fit the role, right?  I truly believe that when we make the decision to become parents, we take on a huge responsibility to protect, nurture,, and guide our children to adulthood.  For … More I Am More Than A Mom

Comings and Goings

By: Sheila Gaudet One of the more difficult consequences of divorce is the need to share visitation between parents at the holidays and school vacations.  While most of us will agree that spending time with both parents is in the best interests of the kids, it doesn’t always make it any easier for the parents … More Comings and Goings