The Dangers of Sitting All Day and How to Reverse Them

By Natalie Laubach RD, LDN, CDCES, Diabetes Care and Education Specialist at Signature Healthcare With the transition to work-from-home culture post-pandemic, only getting up from the desk for a snack during the workday has become the new normal. Even for those of us who don’t work from home, most jobs require work on the computer … More The Dangers of Sitting All Day and How to Reverse Them

Women in High Places: Redefining the Zeitgeist

By: Dr. Tanvi Maharaja PT, DPT, OCS Last year I had the pleasure and privilege of attending the International Continence Society annual conference. Although the conference was in Melbourne, the whole affair was online due to Covid. I learned new and exciting things about the world of pelvic health every minute I was there, but … More Women in High Places: Redefining the Zeitgeist

4’7’8′ YOUR WAY THROUGH 2022

By: Dr. Tanvi Maharaja, PT DPT OCS Wrinkles, traffic, masks, work, social life, doctors’ appointments, politics, childcare arrangements, the weighing scale, health scares… the list goes on. Our lives have somehow turned into a long list of stressors. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Stress has become as interwoven in our lives as snacks with Netflix. … More 4’7’8′ YOUR WAY THROUGH 2022

National Health Education Week 2020

By: Jennifer Lonergan October 19-23 is National Health Education Week (NHEW). For the past 25 years, the Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) has celebrated National Health Education Week. Originally, it was run by the Department of Health and Human Services.  SOPHE is a 70 year old nonprofit organization that “promotes the health of society … More National Health Education Week 2020

Letting Go

By: Barbara Schwartz I have had a headache. For two months. It wasn’t a migraine. Didn’t seem to be caused by allergies as anti-histamines didn’t help. It wasn’t crippling and usually wasn’t there first thing in the morning. But by noon, every day for two months, there it was—a slight ache, enough to aggravate me … More Letting Go

From Deny-abetes to Slaying the Diabetic Dragon (Part 2)

By: Sandy Churchill Read Part 1 of From Deny-abetes to Slaying the Diabetic Dragon. Anger is a tough place to be because it feels like you are actively doing something but you are actually halted in action—like standing in a burst of flame and doing nothing to either escape or douse the blaze. I have been … More From Deny-abetes to Slaying the Diabetic Dragon (Part 2)