Crying Pictures

By: Cheryl Maguire I searched the trash folder for the deleted email. My mom sends me a minimum of 10 emails a day and 95% of the time the email is deleted without being read. I informed her of this fact, and I even typed “unsubscribe” in response to one of her emails; yet she … More Crying Pictures

The Gift

By: Cheryl Maguire On Christmas Eve, I sat alone on a bench, in the middle of a crowded mall. My husband, Bob, and our daughters, age 12 and 9, roamed the shops in an attempt to find me the perfect Christmas gift, even though I told them not to. Bob’s anxiety surrounding this situation caused … More The Gift

Ageless Style

By: Sandy Churchill   This Sunday at church, a blast of twangy fiddle music blasted just a few minutes into the Mass. The country hoe-down tune made me smile, not just for the peppy burst of unexpected cell phone music, but when I glimpsed the owner of said cell phone: a sweet, quivery octogenarian who … More Ageless Style

Yankee Swap

By: Lauren Tankle   You really don’t know a person until you have played a Yankee Swap game with them. This game makes you realize that people you grew up with your whole life are unapologetically capable of plotting your demise and will do everything and anything to take you down all because you really … More Yankee Swap

Crafty Critters

By: Cheryl Maguire   I love the Disney movie Enchanted. One of my favorite scenes is when Princess Giselle is peacefully sleeping on the couch. She awakens in a graceful manner, donning a white puffy ball gown, reminiscent of an eighties wedding dress. The camera pans to show the viewer a disorganized NYC apartment; dirty … More Crafty Critters