A Resolution to Be Mindful of Others in the Small Things

By: Sandy Churchill Chaos and frenzy abound these days, whether it’s the holiday rush, the ever-evolving COVID-19 crisis, or the frantic pace of traffic and work and school. Thus, it is no surprise that we are often so steeped in our own “to-do” list, that we can be unintentionally oblivious to the needs of others … More A Resolution to Be Mindful of Others in the Small Things

The Joy of Singing

By: Sandy Churchill Deck the Halls, Jingle Bells, Feliz Navidad, Breath of Heaven, Grown-up Christmas List… Whatever your taste in music for Christmas, Hanukkah, and throughout the winter season, there can be an undeniable spirit lift in music. An extra boost happens magically when we sing along. I cannot count how many times a dreary … More The Joy of Singing

Setting Lower Expectations for Holiday Peace

By: Sandy Churchill As a type-A, anxiety-prone, over-the-top celebrator who embraces FOMO (fear-of-missing-out) like a mantra, I need my calm friends and family to keep me grounded. My partner in crime is a type-B, go-with-the-flow, even-keel spouse who rides the middle of the emotional highway without much veering into the highs and lows of my … More Setting Lower Expectations for Holiday Peace

Traditions Change … But Happy Everything!

By: Sandy Churchill I love Halloween! I love Thanksgiving! I love Christmas! I love Easter! I love the Fourth of July! As you can surmise, I am one of those folks who gets excited about any reason to celebrate—to get together with family and friends, craft, cook, converse, and do myriad seasonal things that comprise … More Traditions Change … But Happy Everything!

A Gardener of Hearts and Souls

By: Sandra L. Churchill Summer is abloom with bubblegum petunias, Shasta daisies, sweet roses, and wild lavender. Gardeners everywhere bend on soil-stained knees, patiently attending to blossoms and vegetables alike, nurturing their tender leaves and stems to vibrant, dewy verdure. But in recent weeks, I have been pondering the possibility that not all gardeners raise … More A Gardener of Hearts and Souls

You’ve Got Mail!

By: Sandra L. Churchill Call it the Pride and Prejudice-loving, timeless romantic in me, but there is nothing so endearing and charming as a hand-written letter. A note of encouragement, get-well card, or just-because friendship letter, thoughtfully penned and snail-mailed, is such a testament from one human to another that he or she matters. The … More You’ve Got Mail!

Grieving First, Then Embracing Hope

By: Sandy Churchill What do playgrounds, coffee shops, graduations, First Communions, funerals, and birthday parties have in common? For our family, these represent losses or changes during Covid. This year alone, there were funerals we had to attend “virtually,” along with both bridal and baby showers, and several landmark occasions were either postponed or canceled. … More Grieving First, Then Embracing Hope