Lunch Boxing

By: Tanya Pimental As the school year approaches each September, you start to see all kinds of fancy lunch ideas. I have to say, the idea of sculpting fruit and making dragon sandwiches is at the bottom of my priorities. While it is important for me to send a nutritional lunch, I don’t feel that … More Lunch Boxing

Child Care

By: Rachel Ventura As most of you know, child care is a huge deal. From parents who work full time and need full time child care, to parents who like an occasional night out and only require a date night sitter, the need is huge, and can be daunting. Finding someone, or some place, that … More Child Care

Art and Nature

By: Mary Morris Kids love nature and they love art. Who doesn’t, right? The two share a wonderful connection. How many times have you gone to an art museum and looked at beautiful paintings of oceans and sunsets and fields of grass? These are seemingly simple landscapes that are captured with light and texture by … More Art and Nature

Homeschooling is the Best Kind of Social Learning

By: Sandy Churchill When I first encountered the concept of “homeschooling” several years ago, I fell into the common trap of questioning the amount of “social” time and peer interaction that kids get. It’s funny to me now, because I now know that is perhaps the greatest misperception about the homeschooling environment. While each homeschooling … More Homeschooling is the Best Kind of Social Learning


By: Sheila Gaudet Personally, I love September.  Even when the school calendar didn’t directly affect me, I still thought of September as the beginning of the year.  Now that I’m a parent, it marks milestones in a different way. My youngest son, Andrew, spends his summers with his father in Mississippi.  September marks the transition … More Transitions

Drowing in Paper!

By: Jessica DiRamio If you have school-age kids, you are literally drowning in school papers right now.   After April vacation each year, piles and piles of papers and leftover school supplies make their way home.  My dining room table looks like a war zone.  As much as I love all the projects, writing assignments, math … More Drowing in Paper!