Zany Flexibility

By: Sandra L. Churchill My mom squinted at the clock in our car as we scrambled to finish errands and manage afternoon school pick-up lines. “Is that right?” she asked of the 12:07 p.m. time indicated on my dashboard. “Oh no,” I laughed, “it’s 1:00 but we’ll be there in time.” Mom looked confused. “You … More Zany Flexibility

Decisions, Decisions

By: Sheila Gaudet Parenting comes with many decisions about caring for our kids. When our kids are babies those decisions include breast or bottle? Cloth or disposable diapers? Co-sleeping or “ferberizing?” Daycare or staying at home?  As they get older it turns into which school is the best match for my child? Do we really … More Decisions, Decisions

Boston Marathon

By: Sheila Gaudet I am not a marathoner.  These days, I’m not even a runner.  Several years ago I walked a half marathon for charity and that is the extent of my long distance career.  However, I spent middle school, high school, and college on track teams and loved the concept of distance running, if … More Boston Marathon

Baby Lust

By: Sheila Gaudet Baby lust is my term for that feeling you get when someone you know, or even a random stranger, has a new baby.  For a moment, all you can think about is how you want one too!  The new baby smell, the almost daily milestones, and those cute little outfits all conspire … More Baby Lust

San Francisco Treat

By: Sheila Gaudet One of the perks of having a husband who flies for the airlines is supposed to be free travel.  Unfortunately, this means flying standby during times that the kids are not in school, which is more challenging than it sounds.  Due to my husband’s frantic work schedule, school, extracurricular schedules, and pre-existing … More San Francisco Treat

Driving Lessons

By: Sheila Gaudet For many of us, one of the biggest transitional moments between childhood and adulthood, is getting our driver’s license. With a driver’s license comes a different degree of independence, responsibility, and (for the parent) concern. Thanks to my son’s 16th birthday a few weeks ago, this is the stage we are in. … More Driving Lessons

Double Digits

By: Sheila Gaudet We are a family of January birthdays so today my post is about my younger son, Andrew, who turns 10 today!  There are no more single digits in my household, which is both a little bit sad and a little bit exciting.  Andrew has been sure to inform me that he is … More Double Digits

Meet Our Soon-To-Be Mommy Bloggers!

Our initial goal for the Signature Moms blog contest was to select four (4) more wonderful mommy bloggers to join our Signature Moms blog.  These new bloggers would join our current team of talented bloggers:  Tanya Pimental, Sheila Gaudet, Martianne Stanger and Kristen Clifford.  However, after reading all of the wonderful entries we received, we … More Meet Our Soon-To-Be Mommy Bloggers!

Community Service

By: Sheila Gaudet Years of experience working for non-profit organizations have given my boys a lot of early exposure to community service projects.  For years, they have accompanied me to special events, stuffed mailers, marched in parades, assisted at programs supporting those affected by natural disasters and delivered food baskets.   When children are younger, community … More Community Service