The Dangers of Sitting All Day and How to Reverse Them

By Natalie Laubach RD, LDN, CDCES, Diabetes Care and Education Specialist at Signature Healthcare With the transition to work-from-home culture post-pandemic, only getting up from the desk for a snack during the workday has become the new normal. Even for those of us who don’t work from home, most jobs require work on the computer … More The Dangers of Sitting All Day and How to Reverse Them

Move It! Move It!

By: Tanvi Maharaja It’s that time of the year! When the days are short, festivities and rich food abound, it’s freezing outside, and kids are home for the Christmas holiday! All of that yummy food and lack of stimulating physical exercise can be hard on kids – not just physically (which is an urgent wake-up … More Move It! Move It!

Preparing For A 5K

By: Janice Johnson-Plumer Boy, do I wish spring would hurry up and get here! I miss the opportunity to lace up my sneakers, tune up my iPod, and run like Forrest Gump! You may say, “I wish I could run even to my front door,” or “I wish I had the energy or the confidence … More Preparing For A 5K

Working Out

By: Tanya Pimental My baby just turned 6 months old and summer is here.  That means I have to start thinking about putting on a swim suit.  And the reality is that I will likely wear a sundress to wade at the ocean.  I’m not yet where I’d like to be with my body and … More Working Out