National Health Education Week 2020

By: Jennifer Lonergan October 19-23 is National Health Education Week (NHEW). For the past 25 years, the Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) has celebrated National Health Education Week. Originally, it was run by the Department of Health and Human Services.  SOPHE is a 70 year old nonprofit organization that “promotes the health of society … More National Health Education Week 2020

Dealing with Maskne

By: Jennifer Lonergan Portmanteau words. Does anyone remember these from school? Here are some examples: Brunch (breakfast + lunch) Smog (smoke + fog) Chortle (chuckle + snort) Spork (spoon + fork) Labradoodle (labrador + poodle) They are more commonly known as “blend” words. Two words, or parts of words, that are blended together to form … More Dealing with Maskne

Sound of the Season

By: Jennifer Lonergan Music is food for the soul. We have all heard this before but, for me, it is absolutely true. My favorite thing about Christmas time is the music. Denomination does not matter. The melody, the instruments, the sentiment is all I need to get into the holiday spirit. And for a brief … More Sound of the Season

Mental Health Tip: Less Screen Time, More Family Time

By: Jennifer Lonergan Next week, October 7th-13th, is Mental Health Awareness Week. Now, if you are from my generation, chances are you don’t think this applies to you. But the truth is, mental health is for everyone. When I was growing up, anything related to mental health involved institutions and asylums unless it impacted your … More Mental Health Tip: Less Screen Time, More Family Time