Attention Moms of All Ages: Here’s Your Chance to Become A Mommy Blogger

Welcome to the Signature Moms Blog! The only thing we need to get rolling is a few mommy bloggers from the local community. With that in mind, Signature Healthcare and Tufts Medical Center are sponsoring a Mommy Blogger Contest from January 3, 2011 to February 11, 2011.  All mothers in the South Shore area are invited to enter. Through the contest, the hospitals plan to select four area moms to be featured as permanent mommy bloggers for the region. Each month their posts will appear on the mommy blog.  Winning moms will also receive a $250 cash prize.

“Today’s moms thrive on exchanging ideas and connecting with one another.  Whether it’s about the latest toy, advice on work-life balance, new learning activities, the latest movie, sharing cooking recipes; they love to learn from one another,” said Vice President of Business Development for Signature Healthcare, Marie Gross.  “We want to help foster this environment where moms can learn and share from one another – especially moms in our part of Massachusetts.”

In addition to bloggers being chosen from Signature Healthcare’s service area, four bloggers will be selected from the organization’s employee base.  With Signature Healthcare and Tufts Medical Center as the two sponsors of the blog, readers can expect to find an abundance of helpful health information as an essential ingredient in the forum’s content.

To enter the contest, visit Signature Healthcare’s Facebook page at and become a fan by clicking the Like button.  Upload a video or post a short essay on why you’d be a great mommy blogger.  If your post is persuasive – whether if it’s funny, touching or engaging, you could be one of four area moms selected for a $250 prize and the opportunity to become a featured mommy blogger on the Signature Moms Blog –

Each featured blogger will write at least one post a month.  The topics will vary greatly, depending on the personalities of the bloggers and their daily experiences in the community. Visitors can expect some of the posts will be in the form of video posts. The bloggers will meet in person every other month at ‘blogger brunches’ to share ideas and brainstorm upcoming topics.

The Signature Moms Blog will serve as an essential resource for moms to share views, experiences and tips with area moms.  Of course, dads are welcome to read the blog and submit their comments as well!

Visit us on Facebook and leave us a message on the Wall stating why you think you’d be a terrific mommy blogger – and you could win!

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