Our Mommy Bloggers Continue to Make Headlines!

We’re thrilled to announce that our mommy bloggers are continuing to make news!

Sheila Gaudet was recently featured in the Norton Patch in an article entitled “Local Mom Wins Mommy Blog Contest.”  The article, written by Kelly Mello, was terrific and featured some great quotes from Sheila.  Within the article Sheila gives us an insider’s look into her life as the mother of a teenage son and the struggle between keeping him safe and encouraging his independence.  As a reader, you get a great feel for why she was chosen to be one of the mommy bloggers for SignatureMoms.com.  We also look forward to her sharing stories about her younger son, Andrew, who has challenges with language and social skills.  In addition, she’ll talk about being a mom who is balancing work, her relationship with her husband in the military and other family demands.  In the Norton Patch article Sheila describes this as “keeping all of the balls in the air.”

Sheila, along with the rest of our other mommy bloggers, is off to a wonderful start sharing her family, thoughts and life with us – and we can’t wait to hear more!

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