Perfect Parent

By:  Kristen Clifford

You know that expression “everyone is a perfect parent, until they have kids?” Well, I never quite understood what people meant when they said that, until I had kids of my own.

Three years ago whenever I was out in public and would see a tantruming toddler, or a parent that was losing their patients I would think to myself that will never be me! My children will behave well and listen to every word I say. It’s all based on discipline! Well boy was I a fool! Flash forward to present day and I’m often seen out in public with a tantruming toddler, while I talk through my teeth trying not to yell in public, while I have two screaming babies.

You see, kids don’t exactly get the memo that screaming and crying in public is extremely embarrassing! I used to see those parents with the screaming kids and judge them, but now I offer a sympathy look that says I understand! I’ve been there before. I feel for you.

Yes, yes, you can say well they need to nap, or need to learn how to behave in public. But even if they have napped, and they know they can’t always get a toy at the store, or that we always listen to Mommy and Daddy’s words they still will tantrum!

Even if it’s their 2nd Birthday party …

or if they are going to have lots of fun at dance …

And babies will still cry sometimes even if they are fed, burped, changed, and comfortable..well, because that’s what babies do!

So I guess what I am saying it next time you see a Mom struggling with her child in public, cut her a break, she may just be doing her best! After all Jill Churchill said it best “There is no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one!”

3 thoughts on “Perfect Parent

  1. Good advice not only for those “perfect parents”, but for those of us who feel bad when we’re the one with the tantruming toddler. We’ve all been there and will probably be there again!

  2. Love the photos and the message.

    I am soooo far from perfect, so often with a tantruming child in tow, yet so happy to have the experience of mothering (even when frustrated or embarrassed).

  3. I’m so glad you wrote about this! Too often we find ourselves in the same predicaments and feel like a million eyes are staring. It makes the situation 100% worse. Similar to my first blog post last month, we should work together to help other moms out, not judge.

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