Top 10 Favorite Baby Products (Part 1)

By: Kristen Clifford

Being a Mommy is hard and being a new Mom is even harder.  Over time I have grown to love and depend on a few baby products. Every Mom’s list of favorite baby products may differ, but these are mine:

1 – Baby Carrier – I personally am so in love with my Baby K’tan.  My husband bought it for me when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter Grace. It is made of cotton and can be worn in 8 different position. One of the positions is even suitable for twins which was such a blessing when my twins were born.  Whenever any of my children go through a clingy or colicky stage I just strap on either my Baby K’tan or other carrier and am able to snuggle with them while still getting other things done. Baby carriers are so essential for multitasking Moms.

2 – Swaddle Blanket – All of my children have slept ten times better when swaddled. Now don’t get me wrong I can do a mean swaddle, thanks to my Maternity Nurse days, out of any blanket on a newborn.  The problem is when they get bigger and stronger, they start to learn how to break out of the basic swaddle.  That’s when you really need the swaddle blanket. I love my Miracle Blanket.  Grace was a super colicky baby and the Miracle Blanket was the only way I could get her to sleep at all.

3 – Teethers – Every child will experience teething, some will get teeth and show no signs of teething, while others, like my children, are completely miserable when teething. I bought the Sophie Giraffe teether when Grace was a baby and almost cried the day we lost it at the Science Museum. It is expensive for a teether, but it was worth it in my eyes, because it made Grace so happy.

4 – Boppy – There is nothing like the Boppy! I got it when I was pregnant with Grace 3 years ago and have never put it away. When the babies were little it was good for propping them while on their bellies as well as adding support while breastfeeding. It also provided a more incline area my reflux babies could hang out, since they couldn’t lay flat. Now that the twins are learning to sit, and aren’t always steady all the time, it’s awesome at catching them from falling backwards and hitting their heads. After Grace was done using it I started to use it to prop the laptop on my lap. It’s multifunctional and has many more uses then just a breastfeeding pillow.

5 – Exersaucer – Any exersaucer that has different toys on it will do. These are great! If I didn’t have my exersaucers I would never get any cooking or cleaning done. They help keep the kids entertained while helping them learn new things, like reaching for toys, sounds, colors, etc.

I know I said 10 top items, but since this got long I figured I’d divide it up into two blog posts, so look for my next post for my next five top baby items! I also thought I should mention that these companies are in no way paying or compensating me for saying nice things about them, I just really do love these products!

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Favorite Baby Products (Part 1)

  1. We could sure use that giraffe teether around here these days and that carrier looks great.

    I used to love our exersaucer, too, but got rid of it when my daughter was in early intervention and the specialist told me they weren’t as good for kids as one might think. So, my youngest has never used one, and, I admit, I miss the convenience sometimes.

    I, too, like Boppies and the kids still use ours for play purposes (lion manes, indoor sleds for mattress sledding (don’t cringe at that), you name it.) Over the Boppy, though, when my babes were tiny, I preferred the my brest friend, which is like a Boppy, but wraps around and clips, allowing me to move a bit more while nursing them when they are wee ones. It also has a handy pocket and some little bump-forms on it for good positioning of the baby’s head. I love mine!

    Looking forward to your other tips.

  2. I loved my exersaucer too. I can understand there might be issues with it, but OMG, it was a lifesaver so many times! I had the Boppy too but maybe because I’m larger sized, I could never get it to work exactly right when breastfeeding but did find something similiar that didn’t wrap around as much but still provided kind of a “shelf”. I’m glad I’m past that stage now but the two things I loved the most were our swing and those kind of felt-covered pads for the crib/changing table/lap. Those saved me many a middle of the night sheet change. Can’t wait to see what else you have coming up!

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