Providence Ghost Tours

By: Robin Ruehrwein

Recently, myself, my husband Chris, Chris’s brother, and his wife went on the Providence Ghost Tour (Providence, RI for those of you who are not local).  Most people that know me, know I love this kind of stuff.  I’ve been on the Plymouth, MA tour many times, the Salem tour, one in Boston and one in Newport, RI;  so I was super excited to check out the one in Providence since I’d never been.

First off, the highlight of the tour was when Sam, our FAB tour guide, let me hold the meter that measured for paranormal energy.  SCORE!  And although we didn’t see much at the time, when I went back to look at the pictures I took, apparently there was ALL KINDS of activity around where we were walking.

First off, check out the orbs up around this tree on the left:

Oh, and check ALL the orbs in this one:

And here I am using the meter (and I totally thought I was badass while doing so, too):

And now for the GOOD stuff.

I am going to show you a before and after photo of a building that was dedicated to a lady called Annmary Brown.  Long story short was that she got sick and died.  After she died, her husband built her this memorial which houses stuff from their lives together.  It also houses their remains.  Yes, right there in the building.  From what they told us, this building gets pretty active, especially after 4 pm, which is when the husband specified the building be closed for the night (it’s now open till 5, so apparently the spirits go nuts after 4).  I NEED to get back there one of these days and check out what happens after 4 pm.

Anyways, something kind of strange happened here when we snapped a few pictures.

Before….everything seems just fine, right?  Sam is up there talking and nothing out of the ordinary happened.

But then, Chris went to take another picture (and again, we didn’t notice anything), but when we looked back at the pics, we found that apparently the camera went all screwy while he snapped this one and look at the result:

Now, that’s Courtney (one of the tour owners) up there telling the story, but that face above hers isn’t hers… I don’t know exactly what happened here, whether Chris accidentally moved while snapping the pic (which is what I think…because look at the sign on the left), or the ghost effected my camera and this is the result.   What do you guys think?

Anyway, the tour actually lasted almost two hours and Sam, our tour guide was absolutely AWESOME.  Part of the reason I like going on these types of tours is because I like to hear the history behind it all…and this tour was filled with all sorts of great stories.  They really did their research and I would love to take this tour again in the spring to see what other kinds of activity we come across.

The tour leaves at 8pm during the summer months of June, July and August and at 7pm during September, October and November. If you like this sort of thing, I definitely recommend checking it out…it was one of the better ghost tours I’ve been on.  It’s a lot of walking because they took us to about 10 different stops, so if you go, make sure you wear comfy shoes and bring water.

We ended back at the park we left at, but before we left, we asked Chris’s brother to take our picture with Sam (ya know, for my scrapbook),  and here is the pic….with a few orbs.   Hmmmm?  Oh ya, check out the fantastic view of the city behind us.

6 thoughts on “Providence Ghost Tours

  1. That picture Is freaking me out a bit.
    Glad you had fun. You probably could totally scare the crap out of me I bet. I HATE being scared.
    And if its real life scary stuff, it freaks me out…

  2. Chris swore he didn’t move, so I really don’t know if it was him or a ghost messing up my electronics. I did email the photo to the girl who runs the tours and she thought it was pretty cool. I may have to take the tour again this summer to see what shows up in the pictures afterwards.

  3. I don;t think I would be up for the tour, though it sounds fun.

    I saw the Warren s(ghost hunters) when I was in college and was pretty freaked out for a while after even though i didn’t believe in ghosts at the time. Then, I saw a friendly one one time in England – or at least I have no other explanation for the soldier that was seemingly scaling the wall near friends and I in a place reported to have lots of activity.

    Back in my younger school days, I did reports on George’s Island and the Lady dressed in black. You’ll have to go there one day.

  4. Ashley, thanks so much for this awesome blog post about us! Glad you enjoyed yourselves- especially at Ann Mary- you have to come back during the hours that the memorial is open and see the crypt- it’s amazing! Thanks again.

  5. Robin, thanks so much for this awesome blog post about us! Glad you enjoyed yourselves- especially at Ann Mary- you have to come back during the hours that the memorial is open and see the crypt- it’s amazing! Thanks again.

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