Top 10 Baby Products – Part II

By:  Kristen Clifford

I mentioned my top 5 favorite baby products my last post, so here are my next top 5!

6 – Activity Mat – My children all love/loved their activity mats, they love looking at and reaching for all the toys that hang down. Both Emma and Carter received Early Intervention from 1 month old until last week, and our Child Developmentalist recommended having the twins use the activity mat. She said it was great at teaching them to reach for things. We have this activity mat, but there are so many great ones out there!

7 – Swing – My oldest, Grace, hated the swing, but both Carter and Emma love it. It great for when they are fighting their naps, a few minutes in the swing and they are asleep! I love the swings that plug in and don’t need batteries, otherwise I’d have to constantly replace them! We have one similar to this swing

8 – Hooter Hider These go by many names, but I loved my Hooter Hider when I was nursing Grace. I don’t know what I would’ve done without mine. It is so much easier to use than a blanket when breast feeding. It stays in place, until your little one figures out they can move it. You can see them, and they come in tons of colors, and I’ve seen many Moms make their own (they are supposed to be super easy to make!)

9 – Zipper PJ’s – Now that I have two babies buttoning up a million little snaps is torture! I am so in love with zipper pajamas, they save me so much time and prevent many middle of the night headaches! Whenever shopping for baby showers I’m very aware of what clothes have buttons and which ones have zippers.

10 – Baby Cubes Making your own baby food is super easy and cost effective. These little cubes are perfect for freezing the food and they are the perfect portion size. I bought them with Grace used them for many months and am currently using them with the twins and they have lasted and are still in great condition!

One thought on “Top 10 Baby Products – Part II

  1. with my oldest I remember thinking that the greatest invention ever made was the swing. He had reflux (which I didn’t really know at the time) and was colicky and he would promptly fall asleep in his swing! Loved it! Great ideas!

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