Good Clean Fun

By: Kris Berry

The other day my kids were taking a bath when they started to paint the walls with soap and bubbles.  I had the idea to make them some “paint” they could use instead.  It was really simple to make, smelled great, and clean-up was a breeze.

What you need:  Shaving cream*, food coloring, plastic bowls or cups.

Squirt shaving cream in bowls, mix in colors, and paint!  Really simple!

*I think that foaming shaving cream would be your best bet but only had gel shaving cream so I kind of “whipped” it up with a spoon while I was mixing the colors.  It worked fine so use what you’ve got handy.

My kids painted for a really long time, and when it was time to get out of the tub they said, “That was really fun, can we do that again sometime?”  In case you are worried about using food coloring in your bathroom, my tub, surrounding tile and grout are all white and the paint washed off easily with water.

Shaving cream provides a great tactile, sensory activity.  You can use it on tables (or cookie trays) to practice writing letters or numbers and it cleans off very easily.  It is great to expose your children to different mediums and textures, it’s a great learning experience and lots of (messy) fun!

2 thoughts on “Good Clean Fun

  1. I smiled when i read this as we enjoy shaving cream regularly at our house and I have blogged about it, too.

    I 2nd the shaving cream tub fun. You can see lots of pics of it at my post at OJTA –

    With that in mind, you might like shampoo finger paints there, too –

    And, oh, got a kiddie pool and some shaving cream? Check out the pics at the bottom of the post at our family blog post on our spring (or summer) snow fun. You might be inspired for some messy fun!

  2. Thanks for the tip…I tried it and my kids LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! we need more post like this for parents to have activities for our kids to do. I have uploaded a clean stand-up comedy by my son. He likes to tell jokes so I told him I will make a video of him for all to see. I didn’t need to boot his confidence… I just made his head bigger! He thinks he is the best kid comic out there! Click on the link to watch it:

    We also need to support our kids and keep them occupied.

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