Yup, I Watch The Disney Channel When I Am Home Alone

By:  Robin Ruehrwein

I’m a Disney Channel “tween” show addict. I can’t help myself. We watch a couple of them and they are all so cute. Seriously. No lie, I have been known to sit down and watch an episode of the Jonas Brothers or the Suite Life on Deck when I’m the only one in the house. Did I just say that out loud? LOL.

My 6-year-old made the transition from cartoons to “live action” tv shows going on about a year now. He was still in preschool and he wanted to watch the Jonas Brothers because “everyone else watched it,” but I didn’t give in until he was in first grade (this year). I had no idea that peer pressure started so young. Anyway, I watched an episode one night to make sure it was acceptable for my kiddo to watch and I loved it. (For any other fans out there it was the Complete Repeat episode).  I was shocked at myself, but I found myself chuckling throughout the whole episode. Besides the fact that it’s way better than the alternative: Sponge Bob, which is on my BANNED list.

Then while we watching the Jonas Brothers, I saw a commercial for Hannah Montana and my son pipes up “that’s Hannah Montana” and told me how pretty she was. So I tivoed that. Totally cute, too, by the way.

And a few months later we saw the commercial for the Wizards of Waverly Place movie (the one they had on last Halloween) and at that point, we had about 4 hours of Jonas Brothers episodes taking up space on our tivo, so we decided it was time for something new.  We checked out every episode of Wizards of Waverly Place that was on demand. And, of course, fell in love with that show, too. I think my son can relate to Wizards a little better, because it deals more with magic issues rather than “relationship” issues and other high school type dramas that the Jonas boys deal with.  So, needless to say we watch a lot of tween marketed programming in this house and I am totally ok with it. My 3-year- old even likes the Jo Bros and calls all three of them Nick! So cute!

6 thoughts on “Yup, I Watch The Disney Channel When I Am Home Alone

  1. Haha we are huge iCarly fans in this house! I think my husband and I laugh more then Grace does when watching!

    1. hi mommy, i stopped by just to say thkans for leaving a comment in my entry 🙂 hope you and your family will have a great day. bonding momment with your son/kids is a precious thing

  2. On a different, but similar level, we read loads and loads of books here and I find my husband and I are prone to taking some out “for the kids” when they are just as much for us. Plus, because my son fell in love with Farmyard Tales (an Usborne book) when he was young, it has become a staple in our household. In fact, my husband once said he had the hots of “Mrs.Boot”, a character in the book who is anything but the cartoonish picture of what my husband often defines as “hot”. Still not sure where the comment came from, but it still makes us all laugh.

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