Back Yard Scavenger Hunts

By: Robin Ruerhwein

My kids got out of school recently and one of our favorite things to do to keep busy is to have scavenger hunts. One of the things that I love about scavenger hunts, is that you can have them anywhere: your house, your yard, the park, the grocery store – you name it and you can do it. My kids get such a kick out of it and even better, they’re FREE!

Before I start the hunt, I make up a list and hand it to the kids. Even though my three year old can’t read yet, he likes to hold his own list, so I give a copy of the list to each of them. I usually pick about ten items for them to find and let them have at it. Here is a list of things I would typically put on a list of things to find around our yard:

  • Something green
  • A pinecone
  • Find a piece of trash on the ground & put it in the trash and once you do have me (or another adult) sign your list.
  • A small rock
  • A shovel
  • A stick longer than a foot
  • Do ten jumping jacks and have me (or another adult) put a star on your list.
  • Something soft
  • Three leaves
  • Something you can recycle

The ideas are literally endless and believe me, it’s a blast to do with the kids.

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