To Camp or Not to Camp?

By: Jessica DiRamio

OK. I have to ask:  why does everyone I know love camping so much?  What am I missing here?  So many people are camping this summer.  Why?  What’s the draw?  Here’s my take on a camping vacation:

~  To prepare for camp Mom must pack up the entire house minus anything that requires electricity.

~  To prepare for said trip, Dad must go on a spending spree at the local sporting goods store.  He must spend at least another vacation’s worth of money on supplies, including stuff to prevent bears from eating our food (what?)

~  To successfully camp, Dad and Mom must take out a 2nd mortgage to fund the purchase of another vehicle – or brave the elements in a tent…with several kids.

~ To prepare for trip, mom must seek out recipes for campfire cooking and hone this still to prevent children from getting salmonella from undercooked hot dogs or eggs.

~  On trip day, all children are given survival skills training – just in case.

~  Flashlights and flares are at the top of moms packing list.

~  Mom contemplates buying all new bedding and clothes for this trip because does she really want to wash those items after the trip is over?  They’ve been on the ground, after all.

Hmm..doesn’t sound very tempting to me!

Here’s my idea of a vacation:

~ Mom packs 2 to 3 outfits per person – –  laundry on site at the beach house/hotel!

~ Dad is in charge of stocking up on sunscreen-  with the coupons from mom’s stockpile.

~  New beach towels for everyone!

~  Mom looks up recipes for new drink concoctions for her and creative meat marinades for dad’s BBQ.

Now THAT’s a vacation!

I’d love to hear from any of you on this humorous debate.  Camping:  yay or nay?

6 thoughts on “To Camp or Not to Camp?

  1. Well I’m on board for both types of vacations, but my family and I are leaving on Saturday for our annual camping vacation. I’m lucky in the sense that I can borrow my parents trailer that has a stove, refrigerator etc. Since I have these extra ammenities I can cook things like spaghetti, mac n cheese and the list goes on. For me, camping takes me away from the craziness of every day life. I’m lucky if I get any cell signal, I definitly don’t have access to the internet, so I’m forced to stay away from work for an entire week. I can enjoy the quiet time with my family without interuption, which I definitly enjoy. We camp in Plymouth, so we don’t stay in the woods all week, we head to the plymouth waterfront and down the cape for day trips as well. I grew up camping and enjoying the outdoors and my children are now being introduced to this and loving it as well.

  2. Well, I can definitely see your points, but considering my son just came in to ask me what we could cook around a campfire he wants to build, I think it’s time for our family to get back on the camping bandwagon.

    Still, if we could do your second vacation idea, I would gladly do so!

  3. My nieces and nephews love to camp. They basically love to do anything that they think might give then the chance to see some kind of animals. I took them to see the Zookeeper recently and now they are dead-set on going to the jungle…. I told them the Zoo would do for now. A friend showed me this great giveaway for two free passes to Zoo New England where they made the actual film. Sounds like it would be a great family trip or fun day out with kids… especially if yours are obsessed with animals like the ones in my family.

    1. Oh, my gosh! In the second pitruce he looks so grown-up I can hardly stand it – make him stop it right now! The next thing you know he’ll be going off to college – trust me, I know.

  4. Camping with a baby or toddler seems intimidating. But while it requires a bit more work and preparation, the rewards are also great. Camping is learning experience for both baby and parents! Knowing how to keep your baby or toddler comfortable throughout the trip will make the experience a good one for the entire family.’

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