Turning Two . . .

By:  Abby Keane

I’m writing this while listening to my older son over the baby monitor as he tells his stuffed animals all about his day.  And what a day it’s been!  My sweet baby boy turned two years old today.  I’m not quite sure how it happened.  How did he go from this:

to this:

 We celebrated with Finn’s favorite dinner (Sloppy Joes), a few small presents (the big one, a slide/climbing structure, will be put together this weekend), and some cupcakes.  We then read his two favorite books (Sandra Boynton’s Pookie books) at bedtime, and my favorite kids’ book, On the Night You Were Born.  This is an amazingly beautiful book, perfect as a baby shower gift, or as a gift from Mom and Dad to their new child.  My husband and I gave Finn his copy of the book for his first Christmas, and will do the same for Eamon.  But why do we need two copies of the same book?  I’m all for my kids sharing as much as possible.  Finn has plenty of hand-me-downs from his older cousins, and it brings our whole family joy to see the little outfits be worn again and remember the times when the older cousins wore it.  Now, Eamon is wearing hand-me-downs from both Finn and his cousins, and the same stories are being told again.  I love that connection.  However, I do think that every child, no matter where they fall in the birth order, needs a few things that are their own, including special books, and this is a very special book.  I don’t read it too often because honestly, I can’t read it to him without crying.  How could any mama not cry at a book that begins:

On the night you were born,

The moon smiled with such wonder

That the stars peeked in to see you

And the night wind whispered,

“Life will never be the same.”

 And how true that has been.  I can hardly remember what life without my boys was like.  I may have been a bit more rested and a few pounds lighter, I might have actually dried my hair after a shower, and my shirt definitely didn’t have spit-up on it, but I know I never, ever, felt the joy that you can see in this picture:

On the night Finn was born, it was hot and humid.  On the night Finn was born, I was exhausted from hours of labor and hours of worry.  On the night Finn was born, my life was changed forever when I became a Mom.

5 thoughts on “Turning Two . . .

  1. I don’t have that book, but I agree with everything you said..the value of hand-me-downs and of some new things, how much life changes with the arrival of that first child and how certain books tug at your heart. Two is a fun age (don’t let all the terrible talk worry you!) Enjoy it!

  2. I love that book too! I also like Only One You by Linda Kranz because it celebrates originality and uniqueness. Thanks for sharing what so many of us feel.

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