Congratulations, You Made It Through Another Summer Vacation! And So Did I!

By: Jessica DiRamio

Fess up, how did it go?  How many times a week did you hear “I’m Bored” or “Mom, what are we doing today?”?  I hope you took my advice for keeping those kiddos busy all summer long.  I stuck to my plan and I am pleased with our results.

Our summer was super busy; chock full of fun and activities, with only a few boring days sprinkled in. 

We decided on a family pass to the Brockton Manning Pool early on in the summer and oh boy, it was a great decision.  The pool was a great way to fill the day with fun, make the kids exhausted and ensure they got some exercise.  I can’t say enough good things about the lifeguards at the Pool.  I found it amazing that not only did they watch out for the people in the water, but also seemed to work hard at keeping the pool family friendly by speaking to people using fowl language or engaging in appropriate behavior.  This is a “must-do” for next summer!

While the pool was reserved for weekday visits, our family opted for beach trips almost every weekend.  My children are fish!  With so much time spent in the water, my 4-year-old taught herself how to swim by the first week of August.  It was a site to see for sure!  She now thinks she is an Olympic swimmer and won’t have anything to do with a lifevest. 

Camp, camp, camp:  I broke down and sent my 7-year-old to our town’s park program for 2 weeks in July.  She had a blast and wished she could have gone for the whole month (note to self for next summer).  My oldest daughter took part in the Plymouth County DARE camp also in July as a Junior Peer Leader.  I can’t say enough about this amazing camp!  Check with your local police department for details on next year’s DARE camp. 

In August, we went on our annual family beach vacation and again, that was fabulous! Perfect weather the entire week made for eight straight beach days.  Pure heaven!   Also in early August was a trip to Canobie Lake Park.  We always shoot for a water park each summer, but this year decided on Canobie since the day we planned to go wasn’t too hot.  I am so glad we went there!  With a water park and amusement rides, the 8 hours we spent at the park wasn’t even enough.  Next year, we may even stay up in Salem, NH on the day we go to Canobie.

During the last few weeks of August, we got into serious back-to-school mode.  My two oldest girls finished their summer reading.  School supplies, clothes and shoes were bought and haircuts were done.

I’d say we had a fantastic summer!  The countdown is on to the first day of school.  In Whitman, the kids go back on August 31.  With an activity-filled summer on the books, I will be very happy to see that bus driving down our street each morning.

3 thoughts on “Congratulations, You Made It Through Another Summer Vacation! And So Did I!

  1. Glad your summer was so good and hope the academic year is just as fruitful for you.

    Don;t forget to check out all the great sales for supplies. I know we’ve been hitting Staples weekly for the great delas!

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