By:  Kristen Clifford:

A few weekends ago it was cold and rainy out and we were trying to find something to do.  We decided to check out the indoor play place in Stoughton, Kidsports. We really liked it, it was very affordable! It only cost $7 for Grace, the babies were free, and Cole and I were free! Any place that only cost $7 and keeps our children entertained for more then 10 minutes gets a super plus in our book! They also have a couple little bowling lanes that are cheap as well, $2.50 for 5 frames or $4.00 for 10 frames of bowling. We didn’t bowl, but a few other kids were and seemed to have fun.They have a couple arcade games that cost extra, but you get tickets and can pick some of those typical cheap arcade toys.

The babies just took in all the flashing lights and sounds, but there was a little baby-ish area they could have played in, but they were content in the stroller.

They have a couple of inflatables, a huge one with 4 or 5 slides and a jumpy house.

There is also this large climbing structure with slides. Grace was a little intimidated at first and needed Cole to help her, but by the end she was climbing all by herself!

They sell food there as well, we didn’t get any, but it looks like they have basic things like pretzels, fried dough, candy, soda, etc. Grace really liked Kidsport, so I’m sure we will be back again soon, especially if it continues to rain like it has been lately.

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