My Mommy Indulgence

By:  Abby Keane

We all have them.  Our little moments that we steal, all to ourselves.  No kids, no spouses, no pets.  Kris’ is running.  Mine is acupuncture.

I first began visiting Whole Person Health in October of 2008.  After two recent miscarriages, I felt depleted physically, mentally, and emotionally.  I hoped that the experience of acupuncture could begin to restore the balance I felt I was lacking, and that if I did get pregnant again, acupuncture would help to maintain that pregnancy.  After just one session, I felt a definite change that was noticeable to my family and friends as well.  I scheduled myself for weekly visits, and hoped for the best.  After every session, I could feel a huge difference internally.  I was more relaxed, happier, and more at peace.  After a little over a month of treatments, I found out I was pregnant again.  My acupuncture sessions began to focus on points to aid in miscarriage prevention, as well as points to keep me relaxed.  My pregnancy progressed.  My weekly appointments aided in relieving my morning sickness, all my pregnancy aches and pains, and the anxiety I felt with this pregnancy after experiencing two losses.  My acupuncturist also helped me get my baby to turn all the way head-down when the doctors expressed concern that he was somewhat transverse.  Finally, when my doctors began talking induction, points associated with labor were targeted, and by the next day, I had begun dilating.

I had a few sessions after Finn’s birth, but life got busy, and I was feeling pretty good.  Not quite a year later, I found myself pregnant again, and knew that I needed to start up my acupuncture sessions again.  My morning sickness wasn’t nearly as bad this time around, but having that window of time, all to myself, every week or two, was a huge benefit during my pregnancy with Eamon.  It was a time to focus on me and totally relax.  It was a night to let my husband take over bedtime duty and not feel guilty, because the benefits I got from those few hours did wonders to make me a better and more patient mommy.

I truly believe that the wonderful treatment I received at Whole Person Health is a huge part of why I was able to carry my pregnancies with Finn and Eamon to term.  It also helped make my pregnancies much more enjoyable, not only because of the physical benefits, but because it felt like I was actually doing something to help keep these pregnancies by receiving acupuncture treatments every week.  The kindness of everyone I have encountered at Whole Person Health is amazing – everyone cheered me on throughout my pregnancies, watched me get bigger (and bigger!), and they were so excited when I brought Finn and Eamon to meet them, the wonderful people who helped them get here.  My go-to answer now when anyone complains of any sort of ache or pain is “Have you tried acupuncture?”  And if I don’t stop sending new customers there, I may not be able to get an appointment anymore!

I’m not getting anything from Whole Person Health for writing this blog, I promise!  I just really love the experience I’ve had with acupuncture, and recommend that anyone considering trying out Eastern Medicine take the leap and do it!  And it may be that acupuncture isn’t your thing.  The most important part of acupuncture for me is that it’s my thing.  It’s fabulous and healing and selfish, but it helps me to be a better wife, mom, and person in general.  Find whatever does that for you and DO IT!

4 thoughts on “My Mommy Indulgence

  1. Wow! I never knew there was a connection b/w acupuncture and healthy pregnancies. Interesting.
    ovI also lpe your message that folks should find their own thing and just do it. it’s so easy to lose oneself in a role as parent/caregiver and to forget to take a few minutes for oneself now and again.

  2. That’s really interesting. I’ve never tried it, but I do know people who swear by it. I’m glad it helped you. My indulgence used to be sneaking off to the bookstore to have a coffee and browse but that’s gone now 😦 I recently joined a gym that I like and am trying really hard to remember that a happy and healthy mommy is good for everyone and some other things can wait. It’s too easy to do everything else first and “run out of” time.

  3. I’ve always wanted to try acupuncture. I love the idea of alternative medicine.

    Well, you answered for me but right now (in addition to running) my indulgence is the chiropractor. I ended up hurting myself during my training (I’ll write about it!) but the chiro is working wonders. Plus, it’s really relaxing!

  4. Yes, i have heard a lot about the wonderful benefits of acupuncture. I’ve always wanted to try it to help reduce some stress and after reading your post, I will surely be able to find time to try this out.

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