By:  Kristen Clifford

I have never, and I mean NEVER, had a green thumb.  I recently saw this idea pinned on Pinterest  and thought there was no way growing green onions could be that simple. So, I tried it.  I bought some green onions from the supermarket, cut off the tops to use in a recipe, and placed the bottoms into a cup of water and one week later, I had this:

It really worked!  I did nothing, except add water, and now I have fresh green onions whenever I need them!

This got me thinking about how I’d like to try to grow some other vegetables and herbs this summer.  The only  problem is that I know nothing about having a garden. I decided to start researching starting a garden.  I found this great website, it’s called Sprout Robot. You enter in your zip code and it sends you weekly emails telling you what seeds to plant each week.  I haven’t started anything yet, but I’m hoping the weather will stay warm and in the next few weeks I hope to start planting!

If anyone has any gardening advice I’d love to hear it!

3 thoughts on “Gardening

  1. Herbs are a wonderful way to enjoy the smells and tastes of gardening. They take very little space, grow quickly for the kids to appreciate and save bundles.

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