A Birthday Already???

By: Abby Keane

It’s hard to believe that the Mommy Bloggers at Signature Moms have been blogging for a year already!  I know it’s true though, as my very first entry was written just a few days after Eamon was born, and now we’ve just celebrated his first birthday.

His celebration took place on St. Patrick’s Day, and we were lucky enough to get a fairly nice day so he and all his cousins could chase each other around outside.  He got his first taste of cake, and he is in love with frosting!

On his actual birthday, we were lucky enough that both my husband and I could take off work to spend the day with our boys.  We had a beautiful day, and we spent it outdoors at Franklin Park Zoo.  Both boys had been to the zoo before, although not to Franklin Park.  We brought along our wagon and made our way through the exhibits.  Finn’s favorite was the Cockatoo that said, “Hello” back to him, and Eamon’s seemed to be Christopher the Lion.

It’s been a fast, crazy year.  It’s hard to believe that my little boy is already so grown up.  It gets just a little bit easier when I think of all the fun left to come!

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