Mommy Disaster

By: Kristen Clifford

Me and my children

Well, I would like to crawl under a rock and pretend that what happened last Wednesday didn’t, but I can’t. The day started off like any other, Grace doesn’t have school on Wednesdays so we spent the day at home cleaning and catching up on laundry.

My husband was at work. Grace and I were in her room putting away laundry. The twins were in our living room, which is gated off and baby proofed, or so I thought. Grace and I were upstairs, maybe two minutes. Next thing I heard was footsteps in our kitchen, which is supposed to be gated off from our living room. I ran down the stairs and literally jumped over our couch. I don’t think I could do that again if I tried, but my adrenaline was pumping.

Not only had the twins broken through our gate, but they had escaped into the kitchen and gotten the slider open.  In the matter of minutes my 19-month-old twins had figured out a gate and figured out how to open the slider. I ran outside to find the babies at the bottom of our steps.  My heart dropped.  Not only did the babies escape, but they let our dog, Lily, out as well.  All I saw was a black streak as our dog took off down our very busy street.  I yelled after her, but she just kept running.


I lead the babies back into the house put them in their cribs, where they couldn’t escape and Grace and I headed back outside to try to get the dog.  She was no where to be found.  I won’t lie I was freaking out!  I was crying and called my husband in a panic.  I don’t know why I called him, he was more than an hour away at work and there really was nothing he could do to help me.

Grace and I came back into the house, I brought all the kids out to the car and buckled them in.  I decided to try to drive around looking for our dog.  I thought it was a lost cause at this point as it had been more than 30 minutes at least by the time I stopped shaking and got everyone buckled into their car seats.  We live on a very busy main street and our dog is a runner, I had no clue where she would be at this point.  I drove down the first side street driving slowly with my hazard lights on calling her name, nothing.  I turned around at the end of the street and saw a black dog dart in front of a car.

My heart dropped, it was Lily.  Thankfully the car missed her, but she kept running. I pulled into the driveway next to the yard she was in. She saw me and looked like she was going to take off running again.  I asked if she wanted to go for a ride and she hopped into the car.

My heart was beating so fast.  I couldn’t believe I had actually found her.  Then I started to think about all the “what ifs.”  What if I hadn’t heard them in the kitchen and the babies had gotten into the street?  What if the babies had been hurt?  What if we didn’t find our dog?  What if she had been hurt?

I still get sick to my stomach thinking about what could have happened that day.  That night I came home and installed a new gate in our living room, got a child-proof lock for our slider, and ordered a gate for our porch.

I am very thankful that no one was hurt that day and I know there were precautions I could have taken to prevent it from happening, but the past is the past, and I need to move on, and learn from my experience. I would like to keep my mistakes to myself, pretend they never happened, but I can only hope that someone can learn from my mistakes.

Two days after this incident Emma climbed out of her crib for the first time. Last week was not such a good week for this Mommy.  I think the terrible two’s may be coming early and twice as hard in my house.

Lily is well loved!

6 thoughts on “Mommy Disaster

  1. I am glad everyone is ok. I cannot tell you the number of times I have had the same experience with our dogs. It is so nerve racking.

  2. Oh – I have been there more than once. My son scaled his crib early and dove out, so I put a bed next to it to cushion his adventures. Then, I saw him jump onto that and almost hurt his neck – so we took the crib out. My other two never had cribs … Then, one day, while ambulance workers were on their way to get my husband (who later was fine, thank God!), my son wanted something I had put out of his reach on top of the fridge. While I attended to hubby, he stacked chairs and scaled up to get it. I found him just as the ambulance workers came. Scary! And I am not even going to begin to share the lovely reason we now have inside keyed locks on our front door and the kid's bedroom windows. Suffice it to say, you are not alone! Glad all ended well though!

  3. Thank god everything turned out ok! You can only do your best and the lessons you have learned have set you up nicely to protect them even more. No harm done. This coming from a mum who can no longer have windows open in the house ever without a 3-year-old trying to escape out one or a 3-year-old who disappears for 15 mins while I was collecting my 5-year-old daughter !!!!

  4. My mother left my 3-year-old brother outside playing in our fenced yard once while she was nursing my baby brother. The 3-year-old stacked things next to the fence, climbed over it WHILE also getting his tricycle over the fence, and started riding down the street. This was within a 10 minute span of time. My neighbor was driving home and saw him pedaling for broke and stopped to see what was going on. My brother told him he was riding into town to see my dad at work. That would have entailed…for the record…getting through a 6-way intersection. We also lived adjacent to the college campus. Wonderful neighbor got him home before my poor mother even knew he was gone. Point being, you can only plan for so much! Glad all are safe and sound.

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