Bubble Fun!

By: Kristen Clifford

I’m a big party planner, and love for my parties to have a theme. I decided this year to combine all 3 kids parties, since they are only 3 weeks apart.  My oldest wants a bubble party, so I’ve already started planning and buying supplies even though the party won’t be until the end of September.  I’ve come across a lot of great bubble activities, so I thought I would share them with you all, while the weather was still nice.

I’ve found this recipe for great homemade bubbles:
I’ve also found this great idea for making snake bubbles.  Basically you cut the end off a water bottle, and put an old sock or rag on the end of it. Then you dip it in bubbles and start slowly blowing:

I’ve also come across some ideas on different kinds of bubble wands:
I’ve collected fly swatters, cookie cutters, strainers, and anything else with holes that I can find. I also picked up some pipe cleaners to have the kids all make their own bubble wands.

I also found this great idea for making multiple bubbles at one time:

I also plan to use a baby pool to make large bubbles, like this below:

All you need is a large pool, or bucket, a hula hoop, and lots of bubble solution!

I’m always looking for more bubble fun, so feel free to comment with your favorite bubble activities!

2 thoughts on “Bubble Fun!

  1. You can also make bubble printed paper by adding liquid watercolor or food coloring to a tray of bubble solution. Use straws to bubble up, rest paper on top, pat gently all around, pick up for bubble prints! It takes lots of dye for it to get bright colors… and doesn’t wash off easy, but I’ve had fun making it with 3-year-olds to adults. Good for the part or just the “Thank you” notes when you have too much leftover bubble solution. Hope the party went well!

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