Make-Up and Driving …

By:  Guest Blogger – Marie Gross

Startling, yes, and even a little bit scary, but this You Tube video sends a very important message from Nikkie (popular video-blogger / make-up guru) and Volkswagen:

If you’re my age, you remember as prom season laid ahead, the local police would haul decimated cars driven by impaired teens into the school parking lot.  The message was clear, but as we filed past the carnage we all believed “not me.”  And every year, at least one local school had a sad story to share about how all of the students, but one, had made it home safely.  None of us could believe it could ever happen to one of our own.

Now that I have successfully moved my three children through the maze of “teen-hood,” I am relieved and even more aware of the hazards facing our youth.  I travel daily a long distance to-and-from work, and see first-hand how people in the confines of their “bathroom on wheels” text (yes, it is against the law), shave, apply their mascara, re-style their hair, and read the paper.  Some amaze me – like a juggling clown in the middle of a ring at a circus.  But the truth is, they might kill me in the process.  I, like most other moms, tried in vain to impart my wisdom to my children about the need to focus solely on the road when driving.  My kids, like most, believed my concerns were grossly exaggerated.  However, they have each learned that the message was spot on.

So for the moms who are harping on driver safety, share this video with your teens (and other distracted loved ones) for it will be at least supportive of your message and, who knows, it may help bring them home safely.

– A Triplets Mommy

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