Davis Farmland

By: Kristen Clifford

A few weeks ago my husband and I decided to take the kids to Davis Farmland in Sterling, MA.  It was a little bit of a drive, but so worth it!

The kids all loved it!  It’s a little on the pricier side, in the summer it’s $19.95 for everyone 2 and up, but I thought it was worth it.

We got there when they opened and we spent almost all day there.  We started off with seeing the animals.  Almost all of the animals there you can pat and hold.  In fact, a large majority of the animals are just fenced in, in one large area, that you walk around in.  My kids all loved getting up close and personal with all the animals.  There were tons of staff around to help you with the animals, and give you lots of information on all the animals as well.

Not only could you pat and hold the animals, but you could brush them, feed them, and yes, even milk some of them! Grace got to actually milk a goat!

After spending lots of time with the animals, we then headed over to their Splash Pad, which is included in your ticket, and is enormous!  They had family changing rooms, bathrooms, a snack bar, and lockers all right by the splash pad, which was great.

In the splash area, they also have a bubble pool, and a slip ‘n slide.

After we cooled off in the water for a while, we got dressed again and head over to their play area. They have a great little kids village set- up, with houses, and markets, and even a Veterinarian’s office.

Also over in the play area they have these great themed areas that are all fenced in and have shade coverings. They have a pretend camping area.

They also have a fenced in toddler play area, with swings, slides, and a wooden train.

There also is a large playground for the kids to play on.  After the kids were worn out from playing, we went and got on the hayride, which is also included with admission.  The hayride drives you around the pastures to see all the other animals.

We all had a great time and I highly recommend this for anyone!  They do have a cafe with food there or there is also a huge picnic area, so you can pack your own lunch.

3 thoughts on “Davis Farmland

  1. Was just at Davis Farmland yesterday – my kids (ages 5 & 9) had a blast! It was about our 3rd or 4th time there. We like to go in the summer for the water-play area and in the fall for the apple picking. It is a bit pricey, but I just wanted to mention that there are deals out there – I bought a family-four pack of tickets for $40 (half-price) from Boston’s Big Deals. They usually sell out quickly, so when you see this deal in your in-box, act quickly!

  2. I didn’t realize they offered so much. I will have to look into it for next summer. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow- that is so great the way they have the goat there safely so the children can try and milk her. There is nothing like seeing children’s delight as they interact with animals is there?:)

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