Importance of Goals

By: Mary Morris

mary 009When I entered the contest for the mom blog, I sort of bragged about how my fancy journalism degree was collecting dust somewhere.  And boy was it ever!  It got me to thinking that not acknowledging my life B.C. – before children, was maybe not the healthiest thing to do.  There is nothing in this world that makes me swell with pride more than my two children.  But in an effort to give 100% to the role of “Mom,” I may have forgotten who I was previously.  So, I dug out that diploma and I took my two children to Michael’s (the craft store) to find the appropriate frame.  Since I expect both my children to attend college and no, I am not a “tiger Mom,” but I think college or art school or something beyond high school is imperative for a young adult before entering the workforce.  Anyway, there is another blog topic.  This is easier than I thought!

At the craft store neither one of my kiddos was the least bit interested in selecting a frame with me.  They were occupied with Nintendo games and having some petty squabble about Yoshi or Wario or whoever.  For those who do not know this, there is a Wario and a Mario character.  Yes, fun fact!  I was a bit disappointed, but they are children after all and so what if my teachable moment fell flat?  I was acknowledging an accomplishment that deserved noticing.  Since I am a frequent diner at the table of humble pie, I don’t talk much about achievements.  The only person I have ever been competing against is me.  I have never been jealous, because I don’t want what my friends have.  I want what I want.  And I am grateful for what I have.  Each day I want to be a better mother, daughter, and person.  I have goals for my children, but I still have personal and professional goals for myself.  My goals have had to take a back seat to the needs and wants of my children and in my mind, rightfully so.

But I digress.  I framed my Boston University diploma and it looks pretty cool on the wall.  Every time I walk by it, I reflect a bit; either about the financial sacrifice my parents made or the good old days when studying for an exam meant sitting out at “BU beach” with friends and classmates.  It is a great slice of my history to display in my home.  It was many years beyond when it should have been done, but it got done.  It is a daily reminder that when I want something, I set a goal and I achieve it.  Even though my kids may have different goals, they will know that whatever they do – going after it will always be something to be proud of – even years later.  Goals achieved are never forgotten and worthless.  And this applies to all goals – not just education goals.

No education or experience can make someone a good parent.  Nor can it make someone a good person.  There are plenty of wise people who have a Ph.D. and plenty that have a GED, but I think one thing we cannot forget when we become “Mom” is that we have to embrace who we are as a woman or a person and not deny that knowledge to our children.  Happy Parenting…..

One thought on “Importance of Goals

  1. This is great! And congratulations on having, and hanging, your degree!! 🙂 I totally agree that setting goals and working to achieve them is so important and it’s definitely something I hope to teach my children. It’s a goal of mine actually. Ha! Great post!!

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