Moms … Come Celebrate With Us!

OB-GYN final art3_BC.pdfTo help us better serve you, our patient, we’ve recently opened a primary care location in Easton!  We are building for the future, and expanding into your community!

To help celebrate this expansion, we’re having a special night just for moms this Thursday, June 20 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at our new Easton primary care location!  The evening will include activities for the kids by Music & Movement as well as crafts by the Easton’s Children Museum.  Also, we’ll have plenty of refreshments on hand such as pizza, salad, juice, water, cupcakes and ice cream.  To come join us, below is the address for our new primary care office in Easton:

Two Washington Place
31 Roche Brothers Way
N. Easton 02356

To RSVP for this special night, please visit and register online.  In addition to seeing or new location at Easton, this is a chance to meet other moms as well as some of our mommy bloggers here at the Signature Moms Blog!

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