The Scoop on Poop & Clogged Toilets

toiletAs one of the editors of the Signature Moms Blog, I follow the blog’s traffic closely. I’m always curious what brings readers to the blog each week and routinely review the specific key terms that people search on Google that end up bringing them to the blog. What’s amazing is how often “poop” or issues about “clogged toilets” come up as search terms that drive traffic. For me, it has been a great reminder that what may seem to be mundane is actually essential information for our readers, particularly in a time of need! Your toilet is clogged and you need help. So where do you turn? Often people turn to Google and they find that our bloggers have written about remedies for clogged toilets. Solution found!

Just to give you an idea of how prevalent this issue is, here are some of the most recent search terms that brought readers to the Signature Moms Blog over the last two days:

  • how to unblock a toilet full of poo
  • how to fix clogged toilet bowl
  • clogged toilet
  • why does my poop clog the toilet
  • fixing clogged toilet
  • how to unblock a toilet with poop
  • blocked toilet poop
  • toilet bowl clogging
  • how to unclog big poop clog
  • poop stopped up toilet
  • how to clog a toilet

Our bloggers write about lots of sensitive and heartfelt issues; and then they write about other topics that simply relate to life as a mom. Topics like clogged toilets, fire safety month, Halloween costumes and the first day of kindergarten may seem mundane, but each speaks to an important part of family life. It’s good to see that something as simple as a blog post about using household ingredients to fix a clogged toilet would come in handy for so many people. That’s pretty cool!

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