My Son Has a Male Kindergarten Teacher

By: Kathy Trainor


Today we found out that John has a male Kindergarten teacher. Many parents were chatting, saying they were “weirded out” by it – so much so that some are requesting that their child be transferred out of his class.

I will be the first to admit that most of the time early learning teachers tend to be women, but I would have NO problem with my children having a male kindergarten teacher.

It is 2014 – not 1914.  He has been a teacher for a few years in the school and has always taught Kindergarten. The school system does an amazing job at selecting teachers that meet the needs of students. Like any and all schools, there are background checks.

How many times do you hear, “Why don’t males teach in Elementary level?” Well, maybe it is because society as a whole is still close minded. Maybe being faced with comments like “my kids are not having a male teacher” discourage them from teaching younger children. This man picked teaching and wanted Kindergarten for a reason. What is the problem with wanting to do something you love? 

In my years of teaching, I have found that males in the teaching profession tend to be kind and calm. They offer a sense of humor and also act as great role models for many students, even leading some males into teaching themselves.

What do you think? Would you like a male Kindergarten teacher for your child?

One thought on “My Son Has a Male Kindergarten Teacher

  1. I certainly would welcome a male teacher to the kindergarten/elementary classroom. What is more important is that the teacher enjoys their job and does it well. Too many teachers are in positions, subject areas and in age groups that they do not like and it reflects in their teaching and the students notice.

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