Texting While Driving

By:  Guest Blogger – Marie Gross

Several months ago, I took the opportunity to share with my favorite Mommy Bloggers and their audience a video illustrating the hazards of distracted drivers.  Messages addressing “driving while intexticated” abound on roadside signs (in Massachusetts where teen texting and driving is prohibited and carries a $100 fine), in schools, and certainly at family dinner tables.  Yet as a frequent traveler with a long commute, I am a first hand witness of this texting danger and know it is growing day by day. In 2011 23% of all collisions involved some form of texting or phone usage and 13% of teens admitted (note – admitted…how many are not sharing?) to using phones while driving.

So when I came upon this great video, I thought it might be another way to get the message to our teens.  We need to be creative to get through to their very busy, distracted minds.  This may jolt them to think before picking up the phone – if  only for one more ride home from school.  Share, share, share!

  ­­- A Triplets Mommy

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