Searching for Thomas

By: Kathy Trainor

It is 7 p.m., and we are in a rapid rush to get the kids to bed so my husband and I can talk for 10 minutes without toys and other things making noise.

Thomas the tankI walk into the boys’ room and hear Thomas the Train running. Like any good mom, you make your children fish for the running toy, knowing that if you get it you will want to chuck it in the trash. Who wants tears at bed time!

The boys run around the room, look under the bed, and can’t find Thomas. The toy is STILL running. Then Pat-Man, my four-year-old, starts to laugh. He says, “It is under the dresser.”

Ugh. Their little tiny arms can’t reach under there. I am not moving the dresser, since it is VERY heavy. What do I run for? Tongs! I can’t cook, but I know they can grab things from a distance.

I run into the kitchen and run back to the boys’ bedroom. Now, I realize I could have walked. But each minute my boys were up there, laughing and joking, with Thomas still running, caused this mom to look like a nut. I get down on the carpet and army crawled as close as I could to the dresser. I reach my tongs out and grabbed.

I pull out the noisy toy and feverishly look for the off switch. My children are now on their bunk beds, laughing. “Thomas drove under the dresser…HAHAHAHA.” And, “Mommy is lying on the floor…HAHAHAHA.”  All I can think was that I want to throw this toy in the trash.

I switch Thomas off, switch the light off and say, “Good night, boys. No talking. I love you.”

Pat-Man then said, “You love Thomas, too, right Mom?? HAHAHAHAHA”

“NIGHT, BOYS,” and I shut the door.

Thomas is saved, Mommy is tired. I need chocolate!

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