How the Signature Mom Bloggers Celebrate Halloween

Happy Halloween! To celebrate, we asked the Signature Mommy Bloggers how their families will celebrate this spook-tacular holiday.

Martianne – We keep Halloween simple here, having the kids make costumes on their own, using things they have or things we can acquire at little to no expense.  So, this year, Luke will be a Minuteman. Jack will be a knight. Nina will be either a pumpkin (with a borrowed costume) or her version of Molly Pitcher (a historical character). We also celebrate All Saints Day.  The children are still deciding their costumes for that.

Martianne's Kids on Halloween
Martianne’s children in their costumes

Kathy – Patrick will be Batman. John will not dress up since he has autism and often this day makes it very hard for him. Instead, he will help hand out candy (if he can). Since John doesn’t like the feel of many things (for sensory reasons), we celebrated by coloring pumpkins.

Heather – Here is Jameson (6) dressed as Yoda and Jackson (4) dressed as Iron Man. We typically trick-or-treat with the boys’ cousins in their neighborhood and then with their Nana and Papa in their neighborhood. (Our street is much too busy for trick or treating safely.) We try to take advantage of any chance we can for the boys to wear their costumes – Halloween events, dances, etc.  They love dressing up and showing off their outfits.

Heather's son on Halloween
Heather’s son will dressed up as Yoda
Heather's son on Halloween
Heather’s son dressed up as Captain America

Carolyn – Halloween has never been a big deal in our house. During the toddler years, our kids dressed up for pre-school parties but they have rarely ever went out trick-or-treating. With my son, Halloween has always been a night to order pizza and hand out candy. I don’t know why my kids have never liked Halloween – maybe because they are not big candy eaters.

Rachel – My kids are dressing up as Elsa and Olaf!

Rachel's kids on Halloween
Rachel’s “Frozen” kids

Jessica – It’s a Star Wars Halloween! My kids will dress up as Darth Vader, Yoda and R2D2.

Tanya – Lucy (8) will dress up as a corpse ballerina. Jack (5) will be a ninja (after previously wanting to be a scary clown). And Emme (2 ½) will be Princess Anna in her coronation dress. I’m dressing up for trick-or-treating, too! I’ll be going as a scarecrow. The month of October flew by for us, and we didn’t even get any decorations up. I managed to put a sugar skull out near my coffee machine. We had a fall tea party with my Great Aunt Betty, where we ate fall cupcakes and carved pumpkins.

The Pimental Family dressed up as the cast of Scooby Doo
The Pimental Family dressed up as the cast of Scooby Doo
Tanya's daughter at a Halloween Party
Tanya’s family carved pumpkins

How will your family celebrate Halloween? Let us know in the comments section!

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