What Are Your Gifts?

By: Carolyn Coleman

I recently joined a women’s bible study group. First of all, I must say that it is not your typical bible study class. One of the first topics we discussed was, “What are your natural giftsgifts?” Before this question was asked, I never really thought about my gifts. Honestly, I didn’t think I had any “natural gifts.”

As I started to think of this, I realized that I had a very special gift: I am a keeper of peace; I tend to bring harmony to most situations.

During all those years of being a stepmother to my husband’s twin boys, I never realized that I had a “natural gift” that helped me through that phase of my life. When mothering my stepsons, I always questioned why I was a stepmother and not a mother, knowing that I wanted to have my own child. Now I realize that I had a natural gift that prepared me to be a mother to my own child.

If it had not been for this discussion during bible study, I know that I would not have thought of myself as having any gifts. As women, mothers, and wives, we give so much of ourselves to others that we just think we are supposed to do these things. For me, being a stepmother removed all the myths about being in that role: the wicked stepmother myth, the myth that being a stepmother automatically makes you a mother, or (my favorite) the myth that if you’re nice to your stepchildren, they’ll automatically like you.

As I mature and think back on my challenges and or tough times, I’m amazed at the full circle of life. Raising my stepsons certainly had its challenges, but it was an enjoyable experience. And now here I am today raising my own son.

Some of the other gifts shared during this discussion included the gifts of patience, baking, organization, focus, and many more. I was amazed at the many gifts this group of women had to offer.

As the gift-giving season begins, I want to continue to search from within to see what other gifts I have to offer. I hope that you can take some time to think of the special gifts that you have and can share with others.

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