Winter Lights Display

By: Kathy Trainor 


Each holiday season thousands of families drive across Massachusetts for light displays and musical light displays. Sometimes neighborhoods get together to create those magnificent ideas or it might just be the kindness of just one family.

This holiday season my boys and I set out for five Mondays in a row to see lights from Bellingham to Braintree.   Most of these displays are done out of the kindness of their own heart. Others do ask for a small donation to help those in need during the holiday season.

We used our GPS and gassed up and brightened our holiday season one light display at a time.

As our travels when on their way we lerned a few rule for the musical light displays.

1. Dim your lights

2. Use your radio at a modest tone

3. Do not block driveways

4. Use caution when exiting and entering a musical light area as other are viewing or entering the area. 


Oak Street Holbrook MA
Computerized light and music show with over 20,000 Lights    Shows play nightly from 6-9pm from Mon-Thurs, and from 6-11pm from Fri-Sun and the Radio Station is 102.1

Messina Woods Drive, Braintree , MA
This is a looping strew that can have some traffic. I suggest early in the week or mid week to avoid weekend traffic. There are 3 houses that are musical lights.  The lights will be on from 5:00pm to 10:00pm and the  radio station is 87.9

Loganberry DR Abington , MA

This boasts over 100 wooden figures that are hand made and painted. They also have over 1000 musical lights. Shows play nightly from 6pm to 10pm and you can turn to the radio station 98.1

Forest Street, Norwell, MA 

This is a musical light display.  Please note there is a stone wall in front of the house and it makes it very hard for little ones to see fully the lights at this home. Each show is about  25 mins  5-525, 6-625… You can use the 88.7 radio station at this home.

1 Lilah Lane Pembroke, MA

Collection of 5 houses with a musical light display. This is a looped street so traffic can get backed up. It is suggested to use a weeknight to have more time to enjoy these light displays.  Tune into 89.1 on your radio. Be sure to look for Santa in the window of the yellow house! The show runs from 5pm to 10pm nightly

The Crazy Tech Christmas  Lakeville, MA

This display is on Furlong Circle  . The almost 50,000 LED lights are programmed to Christmas music, and even Santa is up in the window checking his list! Show runs from 4:30pm to 10:00pm nightly  and you can listen to radio station 87.9 to . The owner of the light display respectfully ask that you use care and respect in the area of the homes as his neighbors fully support his work but want to keep doing this for years to come. When he spoke to me and my boys he was thankful for all he could do for families to enjoy a free holiday event.

Mann Street, Bellingham, MA

This house has 40,000 lights and two miles of extension cord to make their Christmas display a reality. Listen to the show on 101.7 FM  and runs from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m daily.

Light Displays

Millis Wonderland, Millis Ma

It starts at 6pm and will be open every evening, weather permitting, through 10pm December 25th, Christmas Day.  The lines can get long this is a mid week activity . They ask for a small donation that goes to the salvation army . They have over 40 shed decorated and 40,000 lights. This is the last year for this giving event . After this year the light displays will be donated to a charity a Meehans will choose.

Edaville USA, Carver, MA 

One of the longest light displays running on the south shore admission is $20.00 per person over the age of 2 include 14 rides and a magical train ride. It is suggest midweek as weekend trains can have over a 2 hour wait.

La Salette Shrine, Attleboro, MA 

In the heart of Attleboro this shrine has nightly lights during the holiday season. Run by nuns and monks.  Nightly from 5pm to 11pm. Lines on the weekend can be over 2 hours long it is highly suggest you try to visit mid week.

Middleboro Festival of Lights , Middleboro MA 

KOA Boston Campgrounds    please check their website for price per car load. It can run $1.00 to $3.00 per car load. Days and times may vary .

The Wonder of Christmas Lights Brockton, MA

Come and walk through our winding Christmas park. View displays about christmas past and present.Every three minutes the lights will dance to the synchronized christmas music. The whole park comes alive with light!  1090 West Chestnut St Brockton. We did not have time to visit this location and our plan is to do this before the holiday season is over.  Like most light displays I would suggest mid week over a weekend based on traffic and keeping small ones happy .

Jordan’s Enchanted Village, Avon, MA 

The family at Jordan moved what was once into Boston and kept this display active for all to see within New England.  Admission is free. You can buy muffins, see the Polar Express, and a laser show for a low added cost ranging from $5-10 per person. There may be  height and health restrictions for the Polar Express 4d Experience so please read the website.

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