I love my plus size!

By: Kathy Trainor 

With the New Year just a few days away many are busy talking about dropping holiday inches and pounds. NOT ME.  That is right you saw it.. I love being fat.  Now don’t get me wrong, I would love to drop a few pounds or be less round.  However, overall I am very happy to be pleasantly figured and know my body. I am healthy, my labs and blood pressure are all normal. I am a busy mom and teacher. My doctors have stated I’m healthy and despite maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I just have a hard time losing weight.

  • Reason 1: People don’t see you. Most of the time people notice someone with an nice body or a fit figure. Being festively plump means you are passed over. Rather nice sometimes isn’t it.
  • Reason 2: No Guilty Feeling.  No I never worry about what I eat.  I have my cake and eat it too. I dip and chip and I even scream for ice cream and love every second of it.
  • Reason 3: Dress with no stress. You know your figure and your fashion. Latest trend pass you by, but you get to stay with the classics and look classy . This is really cheaper overall.
  • Reason 4: Slow Pace. There is no rush. No one expect you to rush and it is ok to take is slow. The expectation level is that you can’t move fast (when you really can)  enjoy it and sit back and extra second.
  • Reason 5The Force. Your weight works in your favor. You can help move things and can put your weight behind it.. The thin people of the world are great for tiny spaces around doors but you can shove that item  into that space.
  • Reason 6The “ROOM” card. This is the BEST excuse! You can back out of travel or even last min joy rides… “Oh I am all set no room.” Better yet- you can drive and have FULL control.
  • Reason 7The Flattery. Our “condition” actually give us more complements. For some reason people always focus on other things to compliment us on. : “beautiful face” or ” lovely eyes” or “Smart” or “funny”…   I will take it I know I am pretty even in my  full figure.
  • Reason 8The Bubble. The fatty  layers act like “a bubble” that would break your fall and protect you from harm.  Less broken bones or bruises. It is all covered up by fat.
  • Reason 9: The layer HOT HOT HOT… that is right you are perfect to snuggle with and are always warm. You even know the best places to stay cool on a hot summer day. Plus you are more fun by a fire.
  • Reason 10: The Humor. You learn to feel nothing when people comment, you learn to joke about yourself before they do and whenever you hear a nasty comment, you tend to ignore and move on..Survival instincts call for adaptation you see.

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