New Year’s Dedication

By: Jessica Aldred

imgresIt’s that time of year again! That time of year when we make New Year’s Resolutions we stand no chance of sticking with. We resolve to eat better, exercise more and not sweat the small stuff. However, after giving it some thought, I’ve found that my resolutions this year are much different than years past. Over the past year I’ve survived a monstrous 3rd pregnancy and delivered the happiest baby boy you’ll ever meet, I bought a brand new house and sold my soul to pay for it, said good-bye to a fur-baby much too soon and made some really hard life decisions. As I reflect on 2014, I’m reminded that my life revolves around my family. The decisions I make and the trials & tribulations I endure are all for them. So this year, instead of listing a bunch of self-serving goals I’ll forget about in a matter of weeks, I’ve decided to refocus and make a different type of list, more of a dedication to my children and family.

In 2015 I am dedicated to:

  • Letting the dishes pile up in the sink until we have to search for the summer plastic utensils
  • Skipping bath time
  • Avoiding doing laundry daily
  • Taking at least one solid day off of work per week
  • Skipping school
  • Showing up late to an important meeting
  • Screaming too loud
  • Spending too much money

Why, you might ask? Why would I create such a negative list of resolutions? Because I’m dedicated to this little family I’ve created. In letting the dishes pile up, I’m able to snuggle up and read a good book with my budding reader after dinner. By skipping bath time, we’re able to play outside until the sun goes down. Skipping laundry means showing my kids that they’re more important than the constant upkeep of our home. Taking a day off of work means Mom takes a day to decompress and focus on what’s really important. Skipping school speaks to days spent sneaking into those kid-focused locations that are all too crowded during the summer and school breaks. I’ll scream too loud as my son watches his teammate score a goal and is just as excited as if it was him. And finally, I’ll spoil my kids rotten for as long as I can.

There will come a day when my children grow up and realize the stresses of being an adult, of cooking & cleaning, death & taxes, and days stretched too thin. In this moment, I am dedicated to keeping them from these things as long as I can. Keeping the wonder and excitement for each day, that comes to head during these holiday weeks, is something I can’t let slip away without a fight. So, I dedicate 2015 to the loves of my life, the little army I’ve created. I hope that in making these few small changes, they understand that they are what my life is about, the reason I don’t sleep and the reason my heart explodes with adoration on a daily basis. What does your list of resolutions look like this year?

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