We Challenge You to Step Outside this Season!

By: Martianne Stanger

Brrr. Am I the only one that feels like it’s been really chilly outside lately? Chilly, yet refreshing.

In fact, with layers of clothing and a thermos full of hot cider or chocolate in hand, the great outdoors at this time of year can be quite inviting!

Trust me on this.

My family and I have been hiking on the blue hills….


building shelters in the woods…


playing polar explorers in a shallow layer of snow…


warming ourselves by our backyard fire pit…


scaling dirt ledges in the neighborhood…


And most importantly, breathing in the crisp, refreshing air with gratitude. Even on the coldest of days, we’ve still managed to spend some time outside- even if it’s just running three times around the circle and then back inside where it’s warm.  On the more temperate days, we’ve enjoyed hours of prioritizing exercise and playing in the invigorating winter air.

Like everyone, we are busy – perhaps too busy – and often overcome with tiredness or stress. However, we know we still have choices. One of those choices it to prioritize and “pause.”  Believe me, there is nothing quite like pausing for a moment in the great outdoors. Even when temperatures drop, time outside can be incredibly restorative. As little as five minutes out in the fresh air can reset the mind and fortify the body.

Won’t you join us? It may be chilly out there, but it’s invigorating, too. Go on, layer up, step outside and breathe in the clean, crisp healing air of the season!

4 thoughts on “We Challenge You to Step Outside this Season!

  1. That day must be so memorable to your kids, even when they grow up. This is a much much better way of spending childhood than games on iPads. Cheers to more outdoor memories for your family! 🙂

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