Easy Dinner Ideas for Working Moms and Dads

By: Carolyn Coleman 

I think figuring out what to make for dinner is one of the biggest issues for working moms. For some, the effort it takes to coordinate family dinner isn’t worth it or even possible and I totally get that. I feel like I spend most of my evening preparing dinner and then cleaning up afterwards. This by far is my biggest challenge. I was getting to the point where I despised food shopping and cooking dinner.

One night recently I cooked a steak, baked potato and spinach for my son, when he sat down to eat he said, “Mom what’s the occasion?” and I answered that I actually had time to prepare a meal. He was very thankful and at that point I realized I was thinking about the dinner process too much.

I’m amazed at the fact that my husband’s cooking skills have completely vanished because he used to be a great cook and actually enjoyed preparing dinner. Yet somehow all the dinner prep responsibilities have fallen on me. This can be really frustrating because my son is somewhat of a picky eater and because my husband doesn’t eat pork or beef and will only eat brown rice and whole wheat pasta.

So with my son’s busy high school basketball schedule and me thinking I need to attend every game I have managed to come up with a few (easy!) meal selections that will satisfy everyone:

Purchase a roasted chicken from deli, make a few sides to go with that and the leftover chicken can be sliced and make sandwiches for lunch the next day.Unknown

Prepare a lasagna or pasta meal on the weekend that only needs to be popped in the oven one evening.

Unknown-1Your crockpot is a great tool to cook a variety of yummy meals- from chili to fajitas…the possibilities are endless! 



I have found that preparation is key for dinner, shopping ahead of time and having somewhat of a weekly menu, helps to eliminate the nagging question of” what’s for dinner tonight.” Now that we share the food shopping responsibilities and both come up with dinner ideas, our evenings are a bit more organized. I’m happy to admit that I have come full circle and I now enjoy dinner time with my family again!


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