A Signature Dad Reflects On Father’s Day

By: Rob Aldred (father of 3- 7, 5 & 1)

Father’s day was a day that has had many different meanings for me. When I was a kid it meant that it was a chance to spend time with my dad for a whole day. Growing up, my Dad worked 3 jobs and it was very difficult for him to spend time with us. I remember that Father’s day was one of the days we would see a lot of him. As I grew into my teen years, trying to find my way in the world, I often under-valued Father’s Day. It was sometimes even an inconvenience to my social life. As I grew into an adult it become a much more meaningful day. As my fathers’ health began to fail it become one of the most important days of the years. What we did or what I bought him was never important, it was just a day where I could see my dad and hope that he understood how much I loved him.

Today, I am a proud dad of 3 crazy boys. I am fortunate that I only have to work 1 job and I am allowed the opportunity to spend a lot of time with my kids. Father’s day for me now is just about being around my family and waiting to hear a crazy story from Quinn or a question from Vaughn about who would win in a battle Darth Vader or Iron Man (and the description of this battle), or a silly infectious smile and strange noise from my 1 year old as he is trying to get my attention.IMG_0023

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