3 Low-to-No Cost Local Spots for Historical Fun

By: Martinanne Stanger 

Fall fun traditionally brings apple picking, hay rides, walks about cranberry bogs and forays to pumpkin patches. It can also offer ideal weather for getting out and about to explore history!

As you put together your fall calendar, I encourage you to check out some of the fabulous free and low-cost options for learning about local history.  Some places my family and I enjoy are:

The Mashpee Wampanoag Museum


We’ve been on one field trip to this hidden gem before, which I recently shared about on our family blog, and we are planning a return visit in October.  It’s truly a place that everyone, including adults, can enjoy and learn.  There is plenty to see, do, hear about, and try out.  Plus, admission is quite reasonable!

Several years ago, I shared a post on the Signature Moms Blog about “something to see during the Thanksgiving season.”I was referring to the 81 ft., solid granite Forefathers Monument over in Plymouth.  Dubbed the “Statue of Liberty of Massachusetts,” it’s truly impressive and makes a fantastic location for a picnic on a sunny autumn day.  Whether for religious, historical, or artistic reasons, the monument itself is worth a gander and the hilltop park it sits in provides ample space for lounging and playing.

On brisker fall days, when being outside is just not appealing, you should stop by the Old Colony Historical Society Museum for some fun right around the corner. It’s a small, but kid-friendly museum for history enthusiasts like my family.  Twice now, we have enjoyed glimpses of the past through checking out the artifacts there and hearing the tales of the passionate docents that are more than happy to answer questions and offer tours.
Where might you enjoy some history this autumn? Do you know any hidden gem locations that you’d like to share?

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