You’ve Been Elf’d!

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 10.02.24 AM

Looking for a fun tradition to start with your neighbors? This year, get the whole neighborhood in the holiday spirit with a good elf-ing.

What’s an elf-ing you ask? Sometime before Christmas, one neighbor starts the game by secretly leaving a basket of treats on the doorstep together with an Elf sign and Elf poem explaining how to play the game.

Ring the doorbell, leave the treats, and run!

In turn, each recipient is asked to post the sign to alert would-be Elves that they’ve been Elf’d, and to pass the game along to two more friends or neighbors.

As the days pass, Elf signs pop up all over. Who’s been Elf’d? It’s all part of the fun to see holiday cheer spread from door to door.

To start the game, we’ve made it easy with free printable Elf’d poems and Elf’d signs.

Will you join the Christmas fun? Look out … You’ve Been Elf’d!

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