Wacky Winter Adventures

By: Martianne Stanger 

What a wacky winter we are having so far! Snow one day and spring-like weather the next. But after last winter, I’ll take this any day! The mild, but sometimes seasonal, weather we’ve been having offers so many invitations to do what I love most with family: Get outside!

Perhaps snapshots of our simple seasonal adventures will inspire you to do the same:

Panes of ice are fun to find and explore on local trails.

It’s also cool to observe the ice forming and receding as the weather keeps changing.

And, the milder days make for awesome sunset playground dates!

They also make for walks in the woods, where you never know what you’ll find.  One day, we tracked turkey feathers for quite a while!

And when the snow finally arrives? Even if it is mixed with rain, there’s traditional winter pastimes to partake in.  Who says you cannot build a snowman with a dusting?!

Then, on snowier days, true fort building can commence!

As can the “war” of “arctic” battles…

… and the “peace” of cleaning driveways and cars on snowy evenings, leaving love notes on a windshield.

Since spring-like weather keeps coming back, if there’s time when it snows, we’ve prioritized walking through winter wonderlands while they last.

Sometimes we get wild in our snow dens…

… or build our very own snow shelters.

Indeed, getting outside this season has brought us so many smiles…

And some sap, too!  Yep, those trees are running.

And, even if we are often running, too, we do make a point to slow down, to pause and to prioritize enjoying this season outside when we can.

I hope you do, too! What a world of wonder awaits you outside, be it mild or madly snowy.

Enjoy this winter season!

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