Enjoy Your Coffee

By: Kathy Trainor

I am a mom … I am a mom of 2 boys.

Boys are busy, rough, and tough. As are girls and any other knee high beings that we call children.

I know you want coffee. I am here for the same reason, but don’t worry! Your little seven month old can talk giggle and move if he likes, your coffee will still taste good.

Unknown5Don’t worry that Starbucks may be too quite and stuffy for your little one’s personality. Most of us are here for the free wifi and 200% mark up on the coffee we can get somewhere else for 100% less.

I am right next to you and I listen as you try to quite him the moment he babbles. Maybe you are worried he is to loud? Maybe you want five minutes of bliss in an adult, or maybe you’re here for the same reason I am- A few peaceful minutes away from laundry and toddler books. 

His brown little monkey puppet is perfect and he lights up when you show it to him.

I look at you and smile because your little one is doing just fine and you are a great mom!

Enjoy your coffee and your child… because I am! He is a sweetie and so are you!

One thought on “Enjoy Your Coffee

  1. Starbucks is a lot more enjoyable without the kids however one of my 4 year olds favourite places to go is “the coffee shop.” Haha addict in the making!

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