The Small Room That Gives Big Love

By: Deirdre Littlefield


This is what we call the hotline room in our house. It is a simple space that we created to welcome children when they are pulled unexpectedly into foster care. This room has grown into so much more. It has been a classroom for homework, it has been a prayer space, a jungle gym and even a concert hall. This room has had the honor of keeping frightened siblings together on the worst day of their life.

Our most recent guest came alone. She was five years old and came in quiet and unsure. We had a nice dinner and started our nighttime routine. She looked so vulnerable as I helped her prepare for the shower. This little lady came out of the shower so excited to see the emergency backpack I had waiting for her. It was filled with new pajamas, socks, underwear, a flashlight and her very own journal to write in. She literally jumped onto the bed and said she couldn’t wait to tell her mom about this awesome field trip! These small gifts seemed to be just what she needed to get her through her first night in foster care.

This little room has given our family so much. We have received love, gratitude and the opportunity to truly see how blessed we are. It feels ironic to me that the room we built to give to others has given so much to us.

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