I Just Want To Go To Playground School, Mom

By: Deirdre LittlefieldPicture1.png

Let me begin by saying I believe in education. My oldest son recently graduated college and was fortunate enough to have a job in his field waiting for him.

My youngest son just turned four; he has two years until kindergarten. Everywhere we go, people ask where he goes to school. People look embarrassed when I say he doesn’t. They look uncomfortable and walk away.

I second guess myself as I watch the other children line up perfectly at the library and write their name without issue. I remind myself he is developing socially playing with friends, neighbors and his brothers.

I have brought him to orientations and he is just not interested in going off with the teachers yet. We have toured numerous local schools without excitement. My decision to keep him home was finally solidified after our most recent conversation. My little guy said “I just want to go to playground school, Mom.”

Well it makes perfect sense now! No more second guessing myself. We will enjoy this last year together at home and hit every playground possible.

2 thoughts on “I Just Want To Go To Playground School, Mom

  1. I’m glad Deirdre came to realize she does not need to second guess herself. She has and continues to do a wonderful job with her children, they are extremely well behaved, very appreciative of others, and they such nice manners and they love their Mama and Dada.

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